Aquafresh Splash Toothpaste

For growing kids aged 3-8 Years

Aquafresh Splash toothpaste colorful packaging.

Expert care for mini mouths

Milk teeth and new big teeth are more vulnerable to acid attacks. So you need to take care of them. Aquafresh Splash is a specially designed strawberry flavoured toothpaste for 3-to-8-year olds. Providing all the fluoride protection they need with a fun strawberry flavour to help keep them brushing for longer.

  • Child friendly strawberry flavour
  • Provides 24 hour sugar acid protection*
  • Low-abrasivity formula

* follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily as protection may decrease between brushing

Billy, Lilly and Milky standing together.

Active ingredients*

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Inactive ingredients*

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*Please take from local market package