Aquafresh Advance Toothpaste

For grown-up kids aged 9-12 years

Aquafresh Advance toothpaste mint green packaging.

6 key benefits to strengthen teeth

As the last of their milk teeth naturally wobble away, your child’s smile is nearly complete. And with six key benefits, a twice-daily brush with Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste will help protect their new adult teeth while their tooth surfaces reach full strength. All with a minty blend like grown-up toothpaste.

  • 6 key benefits to strengthen teeth (healthy gums*, cavity prevention, enamel protection, gentle on teeth, cleans in gaps & spaces, fights plaque*)
  • Provides 24hr Sugar Acid Protection**
  • With a fresh mint taste

* with twice daily brushing
** follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily as protection may decrease between brushing

Billy, Lilly and Milky standing together.

Active ingredients*

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Inactive ingredients*

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*Please take from local market package